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Taichi Master PhotoThese one-of-a-kind Taichi DVDs bring you right into the practice room with Master Liao. They let you sit across his desk, be a part of private training sessions with a real master, and repeat the teachings as many times as you like with the touch of a button. They are simply the best Taichi training value for your money that you will find.

This training style was kept secret over the centuries, and was given to only "indoor disciples" of a true Tao master. It was never made available to the public at large, until now.

You'll want to listen to these Taichi DVDs over and over again. Why? Every time you watch, your Taichi practice will grow in sensitivity and power, becoming ever more fulfilling and rewarding.

Master Liao's Taichi and Tao DVDs are the real information presented in an authentic way. Since Taichi requires an investment in time, learning and practice, why not invest in the best teaching from a real master?

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I've been practicing Taiji and related arts for 13 years but became discouraged with the never-ending variety of forms. I've ordered 10 of Master Liao's DVDs in the last month. The presentation is fantastic. I'm thrilled to have discovered this material. It is exactly what I've been waiting for.

Steve W ., 62
University Professor