Chi Awareness, Flow and Application

Master Liao's Taichi DVDs take you through the three main steps of Chi cultivation and Chi development:

Chi Awareness

When you first start to practice, your primary goal is to learn how to feel your life energy. You may feel a sensation of Chi right away, or it may take a few weeks or months. Most people will eventually begin to feel some sensation of Chi, usually in their hands or forearms. This feeling may come and go, but will grow stronger over time with patience and practice.

Chi Flow

After you begin to feel your life energy, you can learn how to flow your Chi to make it purer and stronger. Chi Flow is what makes real Taichi different from merely "slow-motion exercise." When you learn how to flow your Chi, you'll rely less and less on strength and mechanical motion, and start using your life energy to propel your movement. This can only be done with real Chi power.

Chi Application

Did you know that martial arts skill is only one application of Chi? Once you can harness the power of your life energy, you can learn to use that energy for healing, spiritual development, feng shui, and more.

These advanced applications require real energy, not just physical or psychological techniques, and must be developed under the guidance of a Taichi master.

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I enjoy learning from Master Liao's DVDs because I can practice at my own convenience and brush up on previous lessons. Master Liao's detailed Taiji/Qigong methods have definitely increased my Qi awareness and helped me in feeling the Qi at the tip of the needle, improving my acupuncture skill and the effectiveness of my treatments.

Steven V., 37
Licensed Acupuncturist