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Two New DVD Sets Filmed at 2014 Tucson Seminar
Recently, Master Liao gave an incredible private seminar to a small group of advanced students in Tucson, Arizona. Not to worry, though, you didn't miss out. We recorded the entire seminar for you, which is now available in two separate DVD sets.

Learn to Connect and Broadcast gives you high level information on the energy truths behind real Taichi practice. You'll learn the corrrect focus of meditation necessary to broadcast a signal through a connection with your original energy and Tao. In addition, you'll enjoy several hours of talk, flow practice, form correction and even a demonstration of Chi power as Master Liao effortlessly maneuvers another person in several directions just using an energy signal broadcast from Taichi Ball.

To really practice your ability to broadcast an energy signal, you'll need two-peson practice. That's why Master Liao taught special exercises in two-person practice using Punch Form to the advanced Tucson group. We have it for you in the set Hollow Fist Training. In addition to learning how to broadcast through a Taichi Ball held in a hollow fist, you'll learn how to use a Taichi Ball in your palm to neutralize a punch form. You'll also learn how to practice with two fists at a time so that you can separate Yin and Yang, manipulating them to throw an opponent off balance. These practices have never been available on video before.

Note: To those who attended the Tucson seminar, we have a special discount for you on these DVDs. Please contact webmaster@taichitaocenter for details.

More Discs Available now in "Sunday Chi Sessions" Series
We've added more titles to this collector's series. Master Liao recorded special small group sessions that he teaches for select advanced students on Sunday mornings at the Taichi Tao Center. These DVDs are designed for those who have a long history of working with Master Liao's style of training.

Sunday Chi Sessions are considered "professional level" DVDs, and contain unique and powerful insights into how to work with Chi and how to build a connection with Te and Tao. To inquire about your eligibility to purchase from the Private Invitation collection of DVDs, email Pricing and payment arrangements will be made via email and phone with qualified individuals.

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Health Benefits of Taichi
Explore some of the latest findings on how Taichi delivers proven health benefits, according to several studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. Click here to read more.