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Ultimate Internal Power Workshop DVDs Now Available!
Recorded LIVE at the May 2015 seminar with Master Waysun Liao in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. This set features over eight hours of direct teaching on how to get the most out of your Taichi practice. You'll hear ancient temple teachings that were once given to only a master's most sincere inside students on how to maximize your energy with every move. You will follow along with Master through major Taichi forms, hearing multiple levels of instruction for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. And of course, all of your learning will be grounded in principles from Lao Tzu and Taoist wisdom to deepen your moving meditation and personal journey. Order Ultimate Internal Power Workshop DVDs today.

(For all those who attended this seminar in person, you will receive your discount code by email. If you haven't received yours, send a message to

Master Waysun Liao Now on Facebook and Twitter!
Receive bits of wisdom and encouragement from Master Waysun Liao by following him on Facebook and Twitter. Transforming yourself involves daily practice, both in your Taichi moving meditation and in your lifestyle. Whether you're relaxing at home, or on your computer at the office, staying connected to Master Liao online gives you a new resource for your journey.

The Taichi Tao Center and all Master's book titles also have Facebook pages you can follow, but for the best and most frequent updates, be sure to follow at the links above first.

E-books Available Worldwide!
Looking for Master Liao's books online? Check Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble "Nook," or iTunes Bookstore for a complete selection.

Health Benefits of Taichi are Documented by Research
There are many research studies that confirm solid health benefits from practicing Taichi. Click here for studies and links.