Warming Up, Preparation Principles and Bowing
Warming Up, Preparation Principles and Bowing
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Every student in our style learns a series of "warm-up" exercises. These simple movements not only loosen you up and open important energy channels, they help you enter the "state of Taichi." On this beginning DVD, Master Liao goes through an important checklist of how to position your body and focus your meditation through each warm-up exercise.

Afterwards, you will learn the foundations of what we call "Preparation Form." All Taichi begins and ends with Preparation Form. All masters, no matter how accomplished, all begin and end their practice with Preparation Form. You will use this form time and time again to bring your mind and feeling into proper focus for moving meditation.

Did you know that the bowing we do to each other in respect is not actually a ritual, but comes from a powerful form of exercise for your internal energy? Master Liao shows you how to move from Preparation Form into a Bow, and how to grab the energy of earth and sky, Yin and Yang, and pull them into your middle Dan Tian -- your heart-- while you bow.

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