Generating a Taichi Ball
Generating a Taichi Ball
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Taichi Ball comes out from an expansion of your Dan Tian into an energy sphere between your palms. Learn how to form a Taichi Ball properly, how to move, breathe, and focus your mind to increase the sensation of energy between your palms. Taichi Ball will show up again and again throughout your practice. It is a major component in virtually all of your Taichi forms, even though it may sometimes be hidden.

On this DVD, you'll learn that there are two separate objectives in Taichi Ball practice: making your ball bigger and more expansive, and making it stronger and more substantial. Master Liao will give you tips on how to align your palms correctly in order to increase the substantial feeling of your Taichi Ball. In addition you'll learn how to coordinate your breathing and posture with your expansion and contraction to enhance your Taichi Ball practice.

Although your ball may only be imaginary to begin with, with time, practice and patience, that energy feeling will grow.

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