How to Clean Your Energy
How to Clean Your Energy
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To reach higher levels of Taichi achievement, your energy needs to be both strong and clean. But how do we "clean" our life energy?

On this DVD, Master gives you clear step-by-step instructions on four critical energy cleaning forms. You'll learn how, when, where and why to do them, and how not to do them.

First, you'll learn how to "Discharge" or drain. This form uses the pull of gravity and the correct position of your calm and relaxed body to help send negative energy off and away from you.

Second, you'll learn "Yin and Yang Reconnect." This form helps you connect earth and sky to cycle heavy earth energy upward, transforming it into heaven or "sky" energy.

Third, you'll learn how to pull energy up and over your crown-point and then down along important meridians in your chest. This form will help you move negative energy that collects in your head and upper body back down to your Dan Tian for recycling and elimination.

Fourth, this DVD contains two special bonus features from our archive tapes of live advanced classes in 2003. In the first bonus feature, you'll learn a form to brush energy up and across your torso and down your arm, to sweep away negative energy clinging on you from daily outside negative impact. It is so important, it had to be included on this energy-cleaning DVD. In a second bonus feature, Master Liao revisits "Discharge" or drain posture in a slightly different way. You'll see why repetition in our system is not tedious, but rather a powerful way to expand your learning. You never know when Master will give a new analogy or new tip that pulls everything together in a brand new way!

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