How to Open a Chi Channel Part One
How to Open a Chi Channel Part One
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Master Liao uses Push form, along with diagrams on the classroom board, to show exactly how to move energy through the body section by section. This form of practice can help to open a Chi channel and give you the ability to create powerful flow.

There is a correct sequence and a connection by which each part of the body moves. This sequence is defined by flow. You'll learn the role of the tailbone in Push Form, as well as when and how to focus on the spine as a "bow" to draw back and release power.

Later on in this DVD, Master Liao discusses the mental discipline necessary for this internal practice, and how to achieve the delicate balance between calmness and concentration.

You'll also enjoy hearing Master Liao bring in several excerpts from the Tai Chi Classics, illuminating their real meaning through these practical lessons.


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