Master Liao's Videos Are a Taichi Breakthrough!

Training under a real Tao Master is now available to everyone:

Online Video and DVDs are an exciting technology breakthrough for Taichi. Why? Because through the power of video we can best duplicate the immersion training of ancient Taoist masters.

For centuries, the only way to learn real Taichi was to leave your family, your home, your livelihood, and apprentice with a Taichi master for many years. Often, you had to have connections with key families who preserved the art. There were no Taichi books, Tao recordings, streaming video channels, neighborhood classes, websites or seminars.

In the old immersion method of teaching, you’d hear your master’s stories over and over again. You’d have every principle carefully explained. Your daily practice would include repetitive training from your teacher so that you could engrave the correct principles into your heart, mind and into your Taichi form.

Because our society has changed so rapidly, the old way of training has vanished. This authentic way of teaching was almost lost forever.

With Master Liao’s video teachings, you can recreate the immersion experience in a modern twist on the ancient traditional way. Master Liao’s video system creates an opportunity for today’s Taichi and Tao students to study with a master from wherever they are, in whatever walk of life they’re in. Each video category or DVD includes live teaching sessions so that you can learn as close to the old way as possible: through sight, sound and repetition from a real Tao Master.

“I began Tai Chi classes with Master Liao to regain my flexibility and range of motion. After just weeks, I felt much stronger. The added benefit was that I felt much less stress and more clear of spirit and mind.”

– Terry M., Investment Advisor

“Master Liao is a living legend. His books and DVDs gave a chart to me for sailing on uncharted waters. I never imagined that I would be able to learn such traditional and authentic Taichi here in the USA.”

-Norio M., National Sales Manager for Japanese Company

“The most important lesson for me in learning with Master Liao is that Chi is real and not a figment of my imagination, and it has a real effect on the human body. I am more than who or what I think I am."

– Reverend Walter D., Catholic Priest

“An incredible experience. Authentic and unparalleled."

– Dr. Juan B., Cardiothoracic Surgeon

“I have been training in this system for 19 years now and it keeps giving. I could never have imagined the positive impact it has on my daily life. I will be forever grateful for all the knowledge I have received."

– Michael B., Tempe, Arizona