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In Master Waysun Liao’s book, T’ai Chi Classics, he says:

“The high speed of the mind can alter the experience of time and space…The ancient Chinese used the idea of the immeasurably high speed of mind in their philosophy of energy transformation, particularly in their theory of Jing.” 

To ultimately reach this high speed of mind in Taichi practice, we teach our students that their first step is to “quiet routine thoughts.” Our routine thoughts aren’t the key to the power of mind or Jing. Routine thoughts keep us distracted and occupied by the outer world and artificial concepts. Our routine thinking keeps us captive to the artificial limits of time and space – not freeing us from them.

After quieting our routine thoughts, we then learn to focus our mind and concentration. The many detailed movements and postures give us something real and present to focus on to hone our ability to concentrate. “Right now, your mind is all over, shining everywhere like a lightbulb. Your energy is diffused. Taichi moving meditation teaches you how to focus your mind like a laser beam that can cut through anything,” says Master Waysun Liao.

Finally, Master Liao urges us to then use that same power of laser-like focus to bypass our thinking altogether. Instead, we now use it to train ourselves to let go and connect with our “ability to think.” That is the power inside of each of us that transcends time and space, not our thoughts themselves.

The Ability to Transcend Time and Space
Lies Within Our True Self

In his video, Introduction to Fundamental Taichi Concepts,  Master Waysun Liao explains that we are so distracted in our human lives, we never feel our heartbeat, our lungs, our joints, or our internal life energy. That’s why time seems to pass so swiftly – days, weeks, and years fly by. Why? Because we are no longer anchored in the present moment and in what is most real about ourselves. We’ve lost our handle on time, and are captive to it, not the masters of it.

Taichi moving meditation allows us to step off that treadmill, slow down, and feel our true selves – our real body, our true and pure mind, and our spirit. In that way, according to Master Liao, “Taichi practice allows us a chance to reconcile with our true self.”

Taichi True Self

Our true self is where that fast, high, pure mind resides that is a piece and part of Tao. In his latest book, Master Liao explains that this pure mind is connected to the fabric of the entire universe, and is part of the framework of what he calls the first dimension – Dimension One – or, “DO.” (DO is actually an earlier pronunciation of the word Tao.)

Dimension One (DO) Precedes Space and Time

Here’s why DO is primary to and governs space and time:

“…Einstein showed that not only does time change in space, but ‘space’ itself can bend. He proved that light traveling at a far distance seems to bend around objects — meaning space carrying the beam of light is what bends, not the light.

“If time and space can bend and change from one setting to another, then neither can be ultimate truth, and neither time nor space can be Dimension One. Dimension One must be more original and fundamental than even time and space. It means the laws of Dimension One will always apply to time and space, but the laws of time and space do not always apply to DO.”

 The journey of the Taoist is to reach back to what is most original. If time and space are mutable, they are not the most original. We don’t even have to understand the complicated physics of Einstein to know that time and space are plastic: They change all the time in our own individual experience. Our perception of time and space changes with age, it can change if we are under the influence of a drug or medication, or it can change if we’re asleep or in a coma.

But, strangely, there is always something inside of us that notices that they change. It remembers when time seemed to pass more slowly, or that the world seemed larger when we were younger. We have a point of reference from which to notice and remember these changes, and that point of reference is anchored in something more constant – it’s anchored in our ability to think.

Time and Space Help Us Navigate This Limited Dimension

Time and space change in physics, they change in our personal experience and perception, and they even change in our human laws and customs. But as fluid as they are, they are reliable enough to be useful and help us navigate in this limited dimension.

Right now it is early spring and we are playing with time by turning our clocks forward by an hour this week! Every time you alternate back and forth from Daylight Savings Time, let it be your reminder that the way we experience time is artificial. According to Albert Einstein—“Time and space are modes by which we think, not conditions in which we live.”

space and time

Then, after you change your clocks, turn back to your Taichi practice and continue your gentle, slow work to reconnect with your ability to think and your life energy. Those are your keys to experiencing the real conditions in which you live.

To delve more into powerful and transformative Tao teaching on time, space, mind, and the universe, be sure to read Dimension One: The Laws of the Universe According to Tao  by Master Waysun Liao, or explore our rotating video collection of “Mouth to Ear Talks” on

The infinite potential held within Taichi practice — including the possibility of transcending time and space — is one reason we never graduate!

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