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“Our original life energy is working as our chief physician every second of every day, desperately trying to balance our body and restore our health. It is struggling to communicate with us, to tell us what we need to do so we can help ourselves. The trouble is we can’t hear it. That still, small voice is overwhelmed by all the other noise inside and outside.”
Master Waysun Liao, Restoring Your Life Energy

When we think of using Taichi for martial arts, we think of fighting off an opponent. But what about protection from a virus or bacteria? We forget that we need our Chi for that martial art too.

In some ways, that’s a more important form of self-defense. Our immune system fights for us every day, protecting against invaders.

How Does Taichi Improve Our Health

Taichi is not a magical health cure, it’s a system of exercising and strengthening your life energy so that your body can function at its optimal best — including your immune system, as well as your healing and repair functions. In this way, Taichi health benefits are a highly effective form of martial art. How does it work?

Through Taichi and Qigong, we are teaching ourselves at the deepest internal level to hear and listen to our life energy again. It knows each cell, each organ, and the entire history of our body. It is the expert and engine of regeneration and repair. It has more healing wisdom than the largest medical university!

Once we restore our inner connection to our life energy, or Chi, we start to pick up its signal. We find ourselves making new choices, craving different food, slowly reorganizing our lives in ways that somehow feel better to us. Day by day, we start to feel better in mind and in our physical body. It’s a transformation that’s sometimes slow, and sometimes fast — but the driver of that change is our own life energy, not any outside expert or trend.

It All Starts with Taichi and QiGong Moving Meditation

Why do we do moving meditation? Because everything that is alive moves. Every organ, every cell inside your body is moving. If an organ no longer moves, or if a cell no longer moves, that means you are sick and that part of you has died. So we keep moving and send that signal inside to keep flowing, keep moving.

More importantly, Taichi and Qigong are special forms of moving meditation that activate the original life energy signal inside that you had when you were an embryo in the womb. It’s a powerful, healing, cellular and energetic memory that you can wake up so it can go to work rebalancing and renewing your body, mind and spirit.