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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders and Shipping

When can I expect my order to arrive?
We use a variety of shipping methods, however, if you are in the United States, you should allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive. International orders will be shipped at the lowest cost air-freight rate.

What if I don’t want to use a credit card on the website for my order?
You can phone in your order to 708-386-0266. Please leave your entire credit card number (Visa, Mastercard or AmEx only!), expiration date, and a complete shipping address, along with an exact list of products you wish to order. Please leave a return phone number. We cannot process Discover card by phone at this time. Orders left in a language other than English, or without the complete information required as described above, will not be processed.

You can also mail in your order with a check or money order, or credit card information, to Taichi Center, 433 South Boulevard, Oak Park, Illinois, 60302. Be sure to include a phone number and shipping address and add $5 per item for shipping and handling.

If you wish to return or exchange your items, please call 708-386-0266 to arrange an exchange or refund. Returns are accepted for damaged or equipment-incompatible items only.

Non-Profit Information

Is the Taichi Tao Center a not-for-profit organization?
No. All classes and educational product sales on this website or are conducted through the Taichi Center, which is a business and NOT a not-for-profit organization. There is no non-profit or charitable organization affiliated with the Taichi Center, or Taichi Tao Center at this time. Any payments or contributions are NOT tax-deductible as a charitable donation. and Online Video

I opened an account at, but can’t buy DVDs with the same account. Why?
Our online streaming video service at is hosted on a separate platform and requires a separate account to access. Our DVDs can be bought on our main site with no account necessary. Both payment gateways and carts at and are secure.

Taichi Training and Instruction

I’m traveling to the Chicago area for a weekend or an extended trip. Can I study at the Taichi Center while I’m there?
Sure! We can offer you a special prorated membership package to cover instruction for the duration of your trip. Email, or call 1-708-386-0266 to let us know when you plan to arrive and to discuss your interests and available classes and seminars during your stay.

Are there other organizations officially affiliated with the Taichi Tao Center?
The Taichi Tao Center is the worldwide teaching headquarters of Master Waysun Liao, and has been since 1971. While Master Liao has many students all over the world, our Taichi Tao Center name and logo are copyrighted and trademarked on our behalf. No other individual or organization, outside of this Taichi Tao Center,, and Taichi Tao Productions, has been given permission to use our name “Taichi Tao Center” or logo, either whole or adapted. Therefore, you may trust this website as a unique and primary resource for teachings and materials from Master Waysun Liao.