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The Mouth-to-Ear Experience:

For centuries, true Taoist wisdom was exclusively passed down verbally from generation to generation, “mouth-to-ear, heart to heart, energy to energy.”

If you were lucky enough to find a real Taoist master, that meant they could “light your torch” or pass the fire of Tao power and wisdom to you. You’d know that you were learning from what is called a “fireplace master.” That means their fire burns so strong and bright that they can pass it down to you if you bring yourself in front of them and prepare yourself well.

Master Waysun Liao, author of Tao: The Way of God and Nine Nights with the Taoist Master, now offers this traditional mouth-to-ear teaching talks online. For the first time, you can now be part of a virtual Taoist temple: learning the traditional way – “mouth-to-ear” from Taoist Master Waysun Liao. These unique talks will spark an alchemical process of change while you learn how to connect to Tao with your true self. You’ll gain insights into the forces and laws that compose and direct the flow and cycles of the universe.

Exclusive Teaching in an Authentic Context

Real Taoist wisdom is always passed down “mouth-to-ear” and heart-to-heart. It’s an oral tradition of deep dialogue, questions and answers, and meticulous repetition so that the student or disciple gains a rock-solid understanding and connection to the power of Tao. Our video talks are real mouth-to-ear sessions with students from around the world.

fireplace master
taoist master class

What Will I Learn?

Every talk is different, every talk is new. Sometimes you will dissect a verse of the Tao Te Ching to find the most powerful spiritual truths hidden inside. Other times, Master Liao shows you what’s really behind esoteric applications of energy in Taichi practice. Often, students bring up questions about meditation and their spiritual path.

Master Liao uses his drawing pad to illuminate his teaching with diagrams that break open new understanding. Meanwhile, he might reference and explain ancient quotes from the T’ai Chi Classics or Buddhism, or he may explain what’s hidden in ancient Chinese pictograms.