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Learn more about life energy and how Taichi moving meditation can help bring us back into harmony with the universe. This interview by Dr. Laurel Trujillo featuring Master Waysun Liao, explores the benefits of Taichi, the role of Yin and Yang, and parallels between prana and chi. Additionally, Master Liao offers subtle wisdom on the role of breathing in Taichi and the difference between following and controlling your breath.

Dr. Laurel Trujillo

“I really enjoyed the conversation with Master Liao about Tai Chi and how it can help us to reconnect with the power of our life energy and help us build the ability to focus,” says Dr. Trujillo, the podcast’s host. “I was struck by the parallels between Tai Chi and Yoga, how both systems view the body as being animated by vital energy which is called chi in Tai Chi and prana in Yoga.  Both systems call us to reintegrate our bodies, minds, and spirits, and to reestablish our connection to the Oneness that is manifesting as all that is.I particularly appreciated the simple exercise he described for listeners that can help them to feel this vital energy”  

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