How to Practice with Our Taichi Videos

Each Taichi video and DVD contains specific step-by-step demonstrations and/or commentary by Master Waysun Liao. Beginners will find it easy to follow along, while longtime students can use these videos to support and refine their practice.

These videos may be different from other videos you’re used to. Master Liao’s videos are mostly LIVE classroom teachings. Your video or DVD brings you right into the practice room with Master Liao and make you part of the class. Our videos are for students seeking quality of information over style and commercial-level content.

You deserve all the benefits of health and well-being that Taichi has to offer through training from a real Taichi master. That’s why Master Liao’s video teaching is simply the most powerful Taichi tool available. Make your practice count!

Taichi Practice Tips:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and flat flexible-soled shoes.
  • You can learn our recommended Single Form style, or apply these principles to any style of Taichi you are currently studying.
  • Follow along as best you can. Don’t worry if you can’t perform each movement or technique perfectly. Over time, your body will gradually accommodate to the movements and you will be able to relax and feel more confident.
  • Once you’ve watched a video or DVD, don’t forget to return and re-watch in a few months or even years. You’ll be surprised at what new information you pick up as your Taichi ability and understanding grows.
  • If you’re just starting, try to learn two or three single forms and practice each of them for a few minutes each day.
  • You can set aside a specific time to practice each day or simply practice a few minutes here and a few minutes there. You’ll make great progress by using spare time like waiting in line, or your coffee break, to do a few repetitions of single forms.
  • Augment your video learning by attending one of Master Waysun Liao’s seminars, or visiting the Taichi Center in Chicago. That way you can ask questions and have an instructor see and correct your form.

“I began Tai Chi classes with Master Liao to regain my flexibility and range of motion. After just weeks, I felt much stronger. The added benefit was that I felt much less stress and more clear of spirit and mind.”

- Terry M., Investment Advisor

“Master Liao is a living legend. His books and DVDs gave a chart to me for sailing on uncharted waters. I never imagined that I would be able to learn such traditional and authentic Taichi here in the USA.”

-Norio M., National Sales Manager for Japanese Company

“The most important lesson from Master Liao is that Chi is real and not a figment of my imagination, and it has a real effect on the human body. I am more than who or what I think I am. Therefore I am determined to grow by integrating this realization through practicing Tai Chi.”

- Reverend Walter D.,

“I started Taichi 34 years ago and have always wanted to study at the Taichi Tao Center, but logistics prevented it. I was able to attend a weekend seminar with Master Liao, and the workshop was the most fulfilling Tai Chi training I've ever experienced."

- Ross K., Seminar Participant

"I have been training this system for 19 years now and it keeps giving. I couldn't have ever imagined the positive impact it ended up having on my daily life. I will be forever grateful for all the knowledge I have received."

- Michael B., Tempe, Arizona