How to Practice with Our Taichi Videos

Each Taichi video contains specific step-by-step demonstrations and/or verbal teaching sessions by Master Waysun Liao. Beginners will find it easy to follow along, while longtime students can use these videos to support and refine their practice.

These videos may be different from other videos you’re used to. Master Liao’s videos are mostly LIVE classroom teachings. Your video program brings you right into the practice room with Master Liao and make you part of the class. Our videos are for students seeking quality of information over style and commercial-level content. Nothing is rehearsed or staged. We want you to have a true and authentic experience — just as if you were learning at the feet of a real master — because you are!

Don’t you deserve all the health benefits and well-being that Taichi has to offer through training from a real Taichi master? That’s why Master Liao’s video teaching is simply the most powerful and sought after Taichi tool available today. Taichi is a big commitment of time, practice, and dedication. Make your practice investment count to the utmost by sticking with the best instruction!