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Access the Complete Body of Taichi Learning!

Did you know that the Taichi Tao Center offers complete training in Taichi Sword, Taichi Knife, Taichi Staff, Taichi Spear and practicing with a Gong?

For close to fifty years, we’ve been one of the few places in the United States to teach the complete body of learning Taichi offers. Now we’re bringing it to you on

One reason our chief instructor Master Bob Krzemienski is such a treasure is that he learned each of the auxiliary or “weapon” forms and practice principles directly from Master Waysun Liao. He’s spent nearly 50 years growing his practice and his understanding in each of them.

In a new 25 minute video, Master Bob explains the training principles behind Taichi Sword, Taichi Knife, Taichi Staff, Taichi Spear, and Gong as he shows and tells you a bit about each one. He also demonstrates the key energy goals behind each tool, and how each one serves a different purpose in teaching us how to extend, vibrate, or control our energy, and how these abilities translate into our empty hand practice.

Energy Work Goes Far Beyond So-Called “Weapons” Training

Most importantly, you’ll learn why and how working with auxiliary training tools is NOT learning how to fight, but rather how to refine your energy to its highest potential. That’s one reason why we prefer the term “auxiliary training” over “weapons.” A big part of the refining process is also learning how to work with Taichi sword and staff in two-person practice, so that you can build energy sensitivity, control, and extension of your power!

taichi sword

Even if you have no plans to study Taichi sword, knife, or staff, this fascinating video will give you a greater appreciation for how each part of Taichi training works together to cultivate stronger life energy with greater broadcasting power.

More on the Way!

We’ll soon be adding a new Auxiliary Training section to and will be starting off with Master Bob teaching the full 6-page sword form, step-by-step!