At last, anyone, anywhere in the world, can learn Taichi and Tao wisdom from Master Waysun Liao. The Taichi Tao Center has launched “” with close to 100 videos, with more being added every week. Viewers can watch the videos from their computer, tablet or phone anywhere they can access the Internet.

streaming Qigong video“For a very long time, we’ve wanted to provide video teaching that people can watch anytime, anywhere. The days of the old masters and the old Taoist temples have died out, and people in today’s lifestyle need a different way to access the teachings of Taichi and Tao,” said Master Liao at the video channel’s launch. “Now that Taichi Tao Center offers a website, books, DVDs, and new streaming video, we provide access to the type of learning people are looking for.”

In addition to launching, Master Waysun Liao is planning to speak and give webinars to podcasters and those with Taichi websites or video programs around the world. Anywhere there is an audience online that would like to hear the teaching we offer, Master Liao is looking forward to sharing with interested listeners and students. “This is the only way to deliver and preserve these authentic teachings that have been passed down for so many generations, and reach out to people who may never otherwise be able to hear them.” (If you would like to invite Master Waysun Liao to speak on your show, podcast or video program, contact to see if we can put you on the schedule).

advanced taichi videoThe many videos on have been organized into popular topic categories, including Single Forms, Restore Your Chi, Martial Art Tips, and Tao Wisdom. In addition, each video has been designated by learning level as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, to help those unfamiliar with Master Waysun Liao’s training style. Right now, the staff working on the channel are planning to load up at least 100 more videos over the next few months. Afterward, the channel may explore adding a live feed of classes, seminars and online webinars from the Taichi Tao Center.

“We will always have our DVDs,” says the staff at Taichi Tao Center. “However, it is fast becoming an obsolete technology, and many of our customers contacted us asking us to provide online access to our vast library.” Indeed, the storehouse of video recordings in the Center’s possession is enormous. “We’re uploading what we can as fast as we can, and making it accessible to a whole new generation of those seeking real traditional Taichi training from a real Tao master.” Many students at the Center have taken on the mission of preserving live teachings so that others can have a reference in the future since the old oral tradition of passing this knowledge down has generally disappeared or become impractical.

Master Liao and the Taichi Tao Center hope that serious students who enjoy their video learning will make an effort to come to a seminar or perhaps visit a class or two in Oak Park. Meanwhile, students around the world are streaming over to the virtual Taichi Tao Center at

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