Member Payments

Below you will find selections that allow you to pay membership dues, class fees and other payments to the Taichi Tao Center online. Choices of several common fees and billing amounts are available below. Feel free to choose more than one to equal a payment amount different than the choices available. There is no shipping charge or tax. Your credit card payment will be processed and payment noted the same as it would be if you paid in person at the Center.

These options are designed for existing student members and those with confirmed appointments for sessions or activities at the Taichi Tao Center. Payments made without confirmed appointments or membership status may not be honored and will be refunded minus any fees accrued by the Center.

Note: There is no non-profit or charitable organization affiliated with the Taichi Center, or Taichi Tao Center at this time. Payments or contributions are NOT tax-deductible as a charitable donation. 

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