The Hollow Fist Training DVDs and streaming online video course both give detailed instructions on two-person practice exercises that have never been recorded before. You will definitely need a practice partner or a Taichi friend in order to get the most out of these teachings. The concepts would not be lost on experienced solo practitioners, but these are definitely two-person practice exercises.

Hollow Fist Training applies key principles in Punch Form. It works on energy sensitivity both in the student delivering the punch and the one receiving it. This special practice will aid those who are working on the martial art application of Taichi. You’ll learn how to manage your opponent with one or two Taichi balls held in a hollow fist, and through maintaining separation between Yin and Yang powers. The separation practice teaches you how to manipulate Yin and Yang in order to off-balance your opponent. Master Liao does a few subdued demonstrations of power as part of the lesson.

This particular two-person exercise is a great way to see whether or not you are able to broadcast energy. When you successfully broadcast a Jing signal, you yourself cannot feel it, although others can. Without a live person who can give you honest feedback on whether or not you are transmitting an energy signal, there is no way to know if you can successfully broadcast energy or not.

Instructors or professionals will definitely appreciate this new exercise to add to their students’ training curriculum. Choose either the DVD set or online video course at to learn this powerful new two-person practice method directly from Master Waysun Liao.


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