Jennifer St. JohnThe Taichi Tao Center shares a sad farewell to one of our long-distance students, respected Taichi teacher, and author, Jennifer St. John, who passed away on December 7th, 2018.

Jennifer St. John was one of the co-founders and leaders of the House of TaiJi in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and had studied Taichi for more than 20 years with both Master Waysun Liao and several senior instructors who originally trained at The Taichi Tao Center. In addition to traveling with Master Liao to Taiwan to enrich her knowledge of Taichi and Tao, St John also studied with numerous notable Taichi masters from around the world.

Founder and CEO of The Fusion Group, an executive consulting firm, Jennifer St. John also authored the book Ten Zen, featuring instructional and inspirational stories from Taoism and eastern thought. Just prior to her passing, she had celebrated the publishing of her second book, Holosophy: Conquering Your Fear of Success.