Complete DVD Listing

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Some DVD titles are not linked because they are sold as part of a set only.

Where to Begin

Single Form Series 12-Disc Set

TaiChi Single-Forms 101-112
TaiChi Single-Forms 113-122
TaiChi Single-Forms 123-130
Entire TaiChi First Section Form
TaiChi Single-Forms 203-213
TaiChi Single-Forms 214-225
Entire Second Section Form
TaiChi Single-Forms 301-315
TaiChi Single Forms 316-330
TaiChi Conclusion: TaiChi Long Form
Two-Person Practice
Breathing and Meditation

Tao Gong Meditation

Chi Awareness DVDs for Beginners

Chi Awareness: Why the Dan Tian is the Center of Moving Meditation
Chi Awareness: Warming Up, Preparation Principles and Bowing
Chi Awareness: Generating a Taichi Ball

Moving Meditation Part One - Set of Three DVDs (Widescreen)

Disc 1: How to Begin Internal Work
Disc 2: How to Play with Taichi Ball
Disc 3: How to Increase Chi Feeling

Chi Development: Flow, Strengthen and Use Your Chi

How to Enter the State of Taichi (Widescreen)

Using Your Center of Power (Widescreen) ~ NEW

Disc 1: Preparing a Powerful Center
Disc 2: Moving and Copying Your Center
Disc 3: The Yin and Yang of Center Power
Disc 4: Center Power for Martial Arts and Healing
Disc 5: The Tao of Center Power

Learn to Connect and Broadcast (Widescreen)

Disc 1: Flow With No Restriction
Disc 2: The Focus and Rewards of Practice
Disc 3: Broadcasting Fundamentals and Spiritual Truth
Disc 4: True Power for Application
Disc 5: Guided Flow with Master Liao
Disc 6: Meditative Flow with Master Liao

Hollow Fist Training (Widescreen)

Disc 1: Two Person Hollow Fist
Disc 2: Two Hollow Fists Practice

Taichi Gong Fu (Widescreen)

Disc 1: The Gong Fu of Flow
Disc 2: The Gong Fu of Following
Disc 3: Tail Wiggles Dog
Disc 4: The Gong Fu of Single Whip

Moving Meditation Part Two - Set of Four DVDs (Widescreen)

Disc 1: How to Make Contact with Energy
Disc 2: Guided Meditation
Disc 3: Where's Taichi Ball? - A Multi-Form Review with Single Whip / Split
Disc 4: Maximize Power Through a Compressed Chi Circle Group

How to Move Energy - Set of Four DVDs (Widescreen)

Disc 1: Move Energy With Taichi Ball
Disc 2: Building Power to Move Energy
Disc 3: Move Energy in Any Direction
Disc 4: Chi Development Details

How to Restore Your Life Energy - Set of Two DVDs (Widescreen)

Disc 1: A Talk on Waking Up Life Energy
Disc 2: Meditation to Cultivate Your Chi

Advanced Chi Awareness DVDs

Chi Awareness: How to Make Your Taichi Ball Substantial
Chi Awareness: Internal Work to Open Neck, Shoulder and Waist
Chi Awareness: How To Locate the Dan Tian 2-Disc Set
Chi Awareness: Developing Chi Awareness Through Long and Short Hand

Chi Flow Series - Complete Set

Chi Flow: How to Clean Your Energy
Chi Flow: How to Flow Through Deflect Downward, Parry and Punch
Chi Flow: How to Enter Moving Meditation Through Upward Downward
Chi Flow: Advanced Principles of Moving Meditation
Chi Flow: Three Levels of Hands Attaching Practice
Chi Flow: How To Initiate Chi Flow
Chi Flow: How to Open a Chi Channel Pt. 1

How to Develop Chi 10-Disc Set

How to Develop Chi: Eight Forms/Six Components
How to Develop Chi: Rotate Oar I and II
How to Develop Chi: Rotate Oar III and IV
How to Develop Chi: Raised Hands and Roll Hands
How to Develop Chi: Holding Taichi Ball & Repulse Monkey
How to Develop Chi: Hands Attaching and Single Hand Push
How to Develop Chi: Meditation
How to Develop Chi: Roll Pull
How to Develop Chi: Split
How to Develop Chi: Neutralize

Learn About Tao

TE: Beyond Birth and Death

Applying Tao Te Ching Principles to Taichi

How to Connect Chi and Tao - Complete Set (Widescreen)

How to Connect Chi and Tao PART ONE
Disc 1: How to Break Through This Limited Dimension
Disc 2: How to Raise Your Energy Frequency by Internal Work
Disc 3: How to Let Go of Negative Energy Signals
Disc 4: How Taichi Can Help You Connect to Tao

How to Connect Chi and Tao PART TWO
Disc 5: How to Truly Understand Birth and Death
Disc 6: How to Transform Yourself
Bonus DVD: "Learn About Tao: The Real Goal of Taichi"

How to Connect Chi and Tao PART THREE
Disc 7: How Can We Understand Tao and Life?

How to Connect Chi and Tao PART FOUR
Disc 8: How to Work with Centers of Life Energy
Disc 9: How to Remove Blockages to Health

Seminar Series

Ultimate Internal Power Workshop 8-Disc Seminar Set (sold as set only) ~ NEW

Disc 1: On the Way in Taichi
Disc 2: The Tao Gong of Taichi Ball
Disc 3: Key Energy Tips From Temple Teachings
Disc 4: Horse, Wagon and Taichi Ball
Disc 5: Making Taichi Ball Real
Disc 6: Direction of Energy in Major Forms
Disc 7: Methods to Strengthen Your Practice
Disc 8: Practice to Cut Through the Dream of 10,000 Ideas

Taichi and the Martial Arts 10-Disc Seminar Set (sold as set only)

Disc 1: Flow and the Importance of Moving Meditation
Disc 2: The Primary Directions of Flow and Two-Person Practice
Disc 3: What is Real Taichi?
Disc 4: Chi Flow: Essential Practice for Roll Hands
Disc 5: Chi Flow and Application in Roll Hands Practice
Disc 6: Chi Flow and Application thru Proper Training and Two Person Roll Hands
Disc 7: Chi Flow: Engage and Disengage
Disc 8: Feeling and Generating a Signal Thru Chi Flow
Disc 9: Chi Purification and Strengthening Practice Part 1
Disc 10: Chi Purification and Strengthening Practice Part 2

Taichi Essentials 8-Disc Seminar Set (sold as set only)

Disc 1: Introduction to Fundamental Concepts
Disc 2: How to Practice Using a Taichi Ball
Disc 3: Fundamental Single Form Practice
Disc 4: Going In and Pulling Out
Disc 5: Preparation Form Details and Basic Footwork
Disc 6: Two-Person Practice Fundamentals
Disc 7: Extending Your Two-Person Practice
Disc 8: Group Practice for Chi Development

Taichi and the Three Points 8-Disc Seminar Set (sold as set only)

Disc 1: How to Form a Taichi Ball
Disc 2: How to Concentrate and Connect
Disc 3: The Importance of Emptiness
Disc 4: Three Points/Six Steps
Disc 5: Essential Form Practice
Disc 6: Group Meditation to Refine Your Chi
Disc 7: Two Person Practice Essentials
Disc 8: Engaging and Yin/Yang Balance

Seminar on Internal Work (sold as set only) (disc 1 full, discs 2-9 widescreen)

Disc 1: End Your Conflict with the Earth
Disc 2: Keys to Internal Practice
Disc 3: The Purpose of Your Taichi Practice
Disc 4: Follow the Feeling for Power
Disc 5: The Foundations of Internal Work
Disc 6: Decoding the Ancient Teachings
Disc 7: Evening Practie Session with Master
Disc 8: Tips on Energy Circulation
Disc 9: Energy Practice Details

Private Invitation DVDS

Prepare to Transfer Power 6 Disc Set (widescreen)
How to Generate a Chi Sphere
Key Points to Harmonize Sky, Human and Earth Energy
Temple Bows and How to Charge-Up Your Energy and Look Inside
Advanced Charge-Up and Drain Meditation
Bowing and How to Support the Eight Directions
Real Method of Condensing and Using the Eight Directions
Traditional Taichi Internal Workbook and DVD Set
How to Broadcast an Energy Message Through Jing
How to Transfer Power Series
Sunday Chi Sessions Series

Retired Titles
(available by private invitation/permission only)

Best of Master's Class 29-Disc Set

Intensive Weekend Seminar 7-Disc Set (sold as set only)

Chi's Work 3-Disc Set

Floating and Sinking

Tucson 2013 Disc One and Two