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2016 Memorial Day Seminar - Register Now!
Our 2015 seminar with Master Waysun Liao in Williams Bay, Wisconsin was so successful, we've already planned one for Memorial Day Weekend in 2016. Don't miss our Ultimate Internal Power Workshop 2016 from May 27-30 at the same great location: George Williams College on the shores of Lake Geneva. Click here for registration and more information.

Master Waysun Liao Now on Facebook and Twitter!
Receive bits of wisdom and encouragement from Master Waysun Liao by following him on Facebook and Twitter. Transforming yourself involves daily practice, both in your Taichi moving meditation and in your lifestyle. Whether you're relaxing at home, or on your computer at the office, staying connected to Master Liao online gives you a new resource for your journey.

The Taichi Tao Center and all Master's book titles also have Facebook pages you can follow, but for the best and most frequent updates, be sure to follow at the links above first.

E-books Available Worldwide!
Looking for Master Liao's books online? Check Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble "Nook," or iTunes Bookstore for a complete selection.

Health Benefits of Taichi are Documented by Research
There are many research studies that confirm solid health benefits from practicing Taichi. Click here for studies and links.