Prepare to Transfer Power 6-Disc Set


Recorded live at a seminar in Tucson in 2012, Master Liao gives you the key steps for learning how to begin transfering power.

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For years, this set was only available by private invitation.  Now it is available to everyone for purchase. Filmed live in 2012 at a seminar in Tucson, this six DVD set features never-before recorded instructions for key steps in learning how to transfer power. You’ll learn how to build these steps into your individual practice through the following titles:

Disc 1: Building Intensity
Chapters: Comprehensive Bow Form ~ Meditative Inward Outward ~ Inward Outward Big and Small ~ Intensify Taichi Ball ~ Complete Meditation ~ The Power of the Center Point ~ The Center Point in Application ~ True You vs. Artificial Thinking

PrepareTransfer2Disc 2: Moving Meditation to Regain True Self
Chapters: Artificial Message vs. True Feeling ~ Move the Center of Taichi Ball ~ Split Taichi Ball ~ Different Stages in Practice ~ Create and Circle a Taichi Ball ~ Regain Your True Self ~ Replace Thinking with Feeling ~ Moving Meditation is Critical

Disc 3: First Steps to Transfer Power
Chapters: Energy Flow of Bow Form ~ Follow and Flow ~ Compress then Move ~ Compress and Let Go ~ Fundamentals of Transfer Power ~ Remove Limits and Restrictions ~ Pack Before You Move ~ The Power of a Free Mind ~ Restore Real vs. Artificial

Disc 4: Feeling: The Key to Transfer Power
Chapters: Motion, Stillness, Packing Energy ~ Allow Energy In ~ Practice Compressing and Moving ~ Compress the Universe ~ One Hand Compress ~ Feel Instead of Believe or Think ~ Feel/Pack/Move

Disc 5: Build Ability to Transfer Power
Chapters: Hands Attaching Right Side ~ Embryonic Breathing ~ Hands Attaching Left Side ~ Review and Application ~ Move Taichi Ball with Right Hand ~ Move Taichi Ball with Left Hand ~ Move Taichi Ball with Both Hands

PrepareTransfer6Disc 6: Using Taichi Ball to Transfer Power
Chapters: Review of Working with Taichi Ball ~ Pack and Move Taichi Ball ~ Principles of Working with Jing ~ Apply Compress in Key Forms ~ Flow Practice Develops Ability ~ Real Meaning of Internal/External ~ Maintain Focus to Transfer Power ~ Precision for Transfer Power ~ Review Transfer Power Principles ~ Review and Concluding Bow

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