Using Your Center of Power – 5 Disc Set


Filmed live at a seminar for advanced students, Master Liao explores all the applications of creating and using a powerful energy center in your Taichi or Chi Gong moving meditation.

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Filmed live at a private 2015 seminar for advanced students in Tucson, Arizona, Master Liao explores all the applications of creating and using a powerful energy center in your Taichi moving meditation practice. You’ll learn how to create a center in your Dan Tian, and move that center out into a Taichi Ball. Then you will learn how to strengthen that center, copy it into two centers, and use those centers in martial arts and healing applications.Lastly, Master Liao shares temple teachings on how to center both our energy and mind so that we can tune into the unlimited power of our true self.

Here are the chapter titles on each of the five exciting DVDs in this set:

Disc One: Preparing a Powerful Center

Chapters: Building your Meditative Bow / Expand and Contract in Preparation / Returning to Te / Aware of Every Direction in Upward-Downward / Ability to See, Hear, Think and Feel / Te: Your True You / Waking Up Original Ability

Disc Two: Moving and Copying Your Center

Chapters: Universe in a Taichi Ball / Moving Taichi Ball / Making a Copy of Taichi Ball / Learn Tao Gong to Use It / Te in Birth and Death / Matching Moving and Thinking / Split Taichi Ball

Disc Three: The Yin and Yang of Center Power

Chapters: Expanding in All Directions / Yin and Yang Together / Bellows / Breathing: Motion and Stillness / Expand and Contract at the Same Time / Ingredients for Meditation / Feeling Back to Original Energy / Reaching Out vs. Reaching In For Truth / Getting Prepared with Preparation / No Resist, No Detach / Feel Center and Universe


Disc Four: Center Power for Martial Arts and Healing
Chapters: You Can Move the Center / Learn to Change the Change / Above Common Sense / Demonstration: Use and Move the Center / Ultimate Benefit of Practice / Meditation Technique for Inward-Outward / Applying with a Practice Partner / Energy Pathways and Water Form / Purpose and Direction of Water Form Practice / More Practice Tips for Water Form

Disc Five: The Tao of Center Power

Chapters: Letting Go of Negative Thinking / Letting Go Means Freedom / Little Tao vs. True Healing / Let Go to Bring in Universe Power / Four Practice Requirements / Temple Teachings / Five Essentials When Approaching Tao / Focusing is the Seed

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