How to Connect Chi and Tao – Set of 9 DVDs and 9 CDs


The complete recordings of several interviews between Master Waysun Liao and a noted astro-physicist on the nature of life, Tao and energy. Purchase entire set, or separately.

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Enjoy this complete set of recordings of several interviews between Master Waysun Liao and a noted astrophysicist on the nature of life, Tao and energy. You’ll receive 9 DVDs and 9 companion audio CDs so that you can enjoy listening to this interview in your car.

Online Option: You can buy this entire content online at this link. Or, look for several videos marked “INTERVIEW” in our Tao Wisdom category, and choose your favorite topics.

disc-one-how-to-break-through-this-limited-dimension-dvdcd-setCD1BreakDimensionDVD & CD 1 – How to Break Through This Limited Dimension
Chapters: How can we access the Tao ~ We are blocked by this dimension ~ We must use life energy to understand the universe ~ Choose life energy over thinking ~ Life energy breaks through this dimension ~ How do we know if we’re making progress ~ Training to repair the tool of our mind ~ Strengthening the feeling of life energy ~ The analogy of energy frequency ~ The universe is a conscious living being ~ Taichi moves the way the universe moves ~ Taoists transformed themselves ~ Everything is connected ~ The universe is like a dream ~ The many dimensions of empty space ~ Our mind frequency registers ~ The purpose of this dimension ~ The Way of the universe

ConnectChiTaoDVD2CD2InternalWorkDVD & CD 2 – How to Raise Your Energy Frequency by Internal Work
Chapters: How does internal work help us connect? ~ This outside world is fiction. ~ Internal work: refocusing our attention. ~ Life energy frequency and flow. ~ Matching your frequency with the Universe. ~ Taoists traveled by energy. ~ We are made from recycled energy. ~ Burning off bad signals. ~ Non-action and no enemies. ~ Purifying to connect to the Net. ~ Answers to Buddha’s questions on suffering.

ConnectChiTaoDVD3CD3LetGoNegativeDVD & CD 3 – How to Let Go of Negative Energy Signals
Chapters: Is it necessary to give up family? ~ How do we protect ourselves from negative thoughts? ~ What is the role of Drain form? ~ What is the role of Charge Up form? ~ Does the universe have a purpose? ~ How does death recycle our energy? ~ Does each energy zone have a different character? ~ Can parents plan a child’s energy?

ConnectChiTaoDVD4CD4TaichiConnectTaoDVD & CD 4 – How Taichi Can Help You Connect to Tao
Chapters: How can we increase Chi awareness? ~ How to use concentration. ~ Bringing in all sensory perceptions. ~ Concentrating on the center of each palm. ~ Reviewing the steps to Chi awareness. ~ Allow the mind to yield to Original Energy. ~ Why do we emphasize points in Taichi? ~ Our body is built section by section. ~ Connecting to the outside. ~ More about points and sections. ~ Is knowing the locations of all points necessary? ~ How do we extend our energy? ~ Does Roll Back form scoop energy? ~ Do we risk pulling in polluted energy? ~ What is the best way to focus the mind?

DVD & CD 5 – How to Truly Understand Birth and Death

Chapters: Is there prenatal sentience? ~ We are made of recycled energy. ~ Can we remove polluted energy? ~ Is there a sense of self upon dying? ~ Understanding Mass Tragedies.

ConnectChiTaoDVD6CD6TransformYourselfDVD & CD 6 – How to Transform Yourself
Chapters: How to see, taste and feel life energy ~ Feeling flow vs. feeling life energy. ~ How to know we have connected. ~ Being like a baby and the role of the mind. ~ The relative roles of mind and feeling. ~ Is emotion a pollutant? ~ Are specific energy paths important? ~ Do we need to know the energy path for each form? ~ More on feeling flow vs. feeling life energy. ~ How to is the most sought after information.

ConnectChiTaoDVD7CD7UnderstandTaoLifeDVD & CD 7 – How Can We Understand Tao and Life
Chapters: Why is Life a Struggle? ~ What About Animals? ~ Tao and Compassion ~ Our Spiritual Condition at Death ~ Energy after Death ~ More About Energy after Death ~ Attitude Toward Luxury ~ Mind and Feeling ~ What About Dreams? ~ Preventable Death and Flawed Humanity

DVD & CD 8 – How to Work with Centers of Life Energy

Chapters: Lower Dan Tian and Te ~ Best Way to Reconnect to Te ~ Middle and Upper Dan Tian ~ Methods of Flowing Energy  ~ Can We Scoop Up Energy?

DVD & CD 9 – How to Remove Blockages to Health

Chapters: Can Chi be Created and Destroyed? ~ Flowing Energy Within for Healing ~ Our Cellular Beginnings ~ Energy Purity and Strength ~ How can we Measure Our Progress in Purity? ~ Human Uniqueness

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