Class and Membership Payments

Pay your class and membership fees online, or any other payments to the Taichi Tao Center. Simply fill in the amount and add it to your cart. Credit cards and Paypal accepted.


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Here is where you can plug in your class or membership fee payment, or any other payment you need to make for services and events at or from the Taichi Tao Center. You can put in any amount in the above payment area, but here are some typical fee amounts:

2020 Taichi Tao Center Fees

Trial Class or Single Class Fee $45
Auxiliary Weapons Class Fee (Members Only) $25
Special Session Fee $100
Monthly Membership (2 classes per week) $150
Monthly Membership (4 classes per week) $175
Private Session with Master Bob $180
Private Session with Master Liao $500
Chi Membership $600
Tao Membership $1000
Annual Membership (2 classes per week) $1500
Annual Membership (4 classes per week) $1750

(Note: All payments on this site are made to the Taichi Center of Oak Park, and are not tax-deductible. We are a licensed business that uses contributions to defray costs and keep affordable and free online options open for those seeking Taichi instruction.)

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