Sunday Chi Sessions – 15 DVD Set

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This collection was recorded live in Chi and Tao Member classes at the Taichi Tao Center, and contains some of the most advanced teachings available in applying Tao Gong (Tao’s work) principles to your practice. Each DVD is approximately one-hour in length.

Disc One: Learning to Follow, Part 1
Disc Two: Learning to Follow, Part 2
Disc Three: Learning to Follow, Part 3
Disc Four: Feel, Flow and Separate Visible from Invisible
Disc Five: Playing with Large and Small

Disc Six: Taichi Principles for Reaching Tao
Disc Seven: The Power of Motion and Stillness
Disc Eight: Establishing Eight Directions in Taichi Stance
Disc Nine: Complete Taichi Through Long Hand Short Hand
Disc Ten: Hold Taichi Ball and Other Tao Parables
Disc Eleven: How to Develop Explosive Chi Power
Disc Twelve: How to Integrate Internal and External Energy (Archival Disc or Older Teaching: Full Screen)
Disc Thirteen: Flow in Beginning Stance and Bow
Disc Fourteen: Reduce Thinking to Reach Te
Disc Fifteen: Relax Wrists to Accommodate Universal Energy


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