Tao Member Class Collection – 3 DVD Set

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Master Liao recorded live at special invitation classes for Tao and Chi members at the Taichi Tao Center. These DVDs contain some of our more exclusive and advanced teachings, and are designed for those who have substantial Taichi experience, primarily under Master Waysun Liao’s teaching and materials.

taomemberclass1 Advanced Charge-Up and Drain Meditation
This DVD is a must have for all advanced students, as Master patiently guides you step-by-step through a powerful session using the Charge-Up and Drain forms. As you know well by now, Charge-Up form can bring in powerful energy to increase the energy in your human body. Drain form can use the power of the earth to pull off unwanted and heavy negative energy. But these forms only work if they are performed very precisely, avoiding common mistakes. This is the most comprehensive recording of every exact refinement to these important meditation forms that you will find in our collection. What’s more, it is a slow and meditative DVD so that you can actually engage in a powerful Charge-Up and Drain session while you learn.

taomemberclass3How to Generate a Chi Sphere
There are three stages of your Taichi journey: 1.) Taichi: rejoining your mind, body, breathing, feeling and life energy in an effort to achieve flow. 2.) Chi: whereby you not only flow but work to make your life energy clean and strong. 3.) Shen: in which you try to return to Tao. All three stages are concerned with refining and raising the quality of your Chi Sphere. On this DVD, Master Liao shows you how to secure the feeling of an energy sphere around your body, rather than just playing with hollow imagination. You’ll learn techniques on how to shift from external to internal motion, and how to free yourself by eliminating mental occupation and blockage. You’ll play with the size of your form in order to cultivate your internal feeling and perspective — bringing unlimited power to your form. Finally, you’ll hear insights into the real meaning behind Lao Tzu’s teachings and what Buddha strove to describe in the “Diamond Sutra.” These teachings from Master Liao help you keep your Taichi practice heading toward the true goal of self-transformation.

taomemberclass4 Key Points to Harmonize Sky, Human and Earth Energy
Tao is the science and discipline of heaven energy, human energy and earth energy. This discipline has been misinterpreted for thousands of years. Finally, you can take advantage of Master Liao’s teaching that can lead you through this discipline correctly. These triple elements are part of Tao philosophy. Inside our body there are also three elements: our body, life energy and spirit. With correct practice, you will use your true feeling to help these three elements work in harmony. On this DVD, you’ll work with three major forms: Taichi Ball to develop your human energy or Chi, Charge-Up form to connect with heaven or sky energy and Drain or Discharge Form to use earth energy. You’ll also learn the correct way to position yourself for the maximum benefit of each form. You’ll learn how to coordinate your inhale and exhale with each motion, and how each of these forms works together. You’ll learn why Taichi Ball is the primary mechanism for charging and cleaning your energy.

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