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Our classic archive set of DVDs containing Master Liao’s demonstration of each single form contained within the long form, with teachings on meditation and two-person practice. Each disc also available separately.

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Single form practice, or dan tsou is the most effective way to gain Chi awareness and strengthen your Chi. Master Liao advises his students to build their practice around these meditative single forms.

These historic and archival videos were the first ever to document how to perform each single form, and were filmed on location at the Taichi Tao Center in the 1980’s. Re-edited and chaptered for your convenience, these timeless recordings are still the only ones of their kind on the market today.

Master Liao explains and demonstrates each form from several angles, and shows you how to combine them to perform each section of the Long Form. Chaptering makes it easy to find the form you need. The set also includes discs on two-person forms and meditation.

This series is perfect for beginners who need to learn the physical motion of the form, or for those new to the single form style. The first discs present forms which are easier to learn, and progress into more difficult forms.

Online Option: You can purchase this entire set for online streaming here, and also learn about other ways to purchase selections from this series online, such as sequential lessons individual form videos and first, second and third section collections.

singleforms101-112Single Form Series 01 – Single Forms 101-112
The first in the complete single form series, Master Liao gives personal step-by-step instructions for the first twelve primary single forms including key stances such as Beginning Stance and Arrow and Bow Stance. Provides both side and front angles so the viewer can follow along easily. By daily practice of these first simple forms, including Upward and Downward Form, and Inward and Outward Form, the student can quickly enjoy the benefits of increased Chi flow and be well on the way toward Chi awareness.

singleforms113-122Single Form Series 02 – Single Forms 113-122
In this second single form DVD, Master Liao demonstrates the correct way to practice Holding Taichi Ball. Detailed instruction also covers Roll Back, Press and Push and how to combine them with Ward Off to form Grasp Sparrow’s Tail. These four key forms (Ward Off, Roll Back, Press and Push) are listed by ancient Master Chang San Feng as the four cardinal forms of the thirteen original postures. Most classes at the Taichi Center use these forms as part of their regular warm-up.

singleforms123-130Single Form Series 03 – Single Forms 123-130
Master Liao provides personal instruction on complex forms such as Deflect Downward, Parry and Punch as well as Stork Spreads Wings. Knowing how to do these forms correctly will help you understand the difference between hard-style martial arts and the true relaxed internal style that will help you build true Taichi power.

singleformsFirstSectionSingle Form Series 04 – First Section
This single form series breaks the long form down into three sections to make it easier to learn. Once you have a good grasp on the single forms taught in Single Forms 101-112, Forms 113-122, and Forms 123-30, you are now ready to pull them together in the first third of the long form. Master Liao advises that our goal is to perform each section of the long form as if it were still a single form. This means the student should aim for smooth, continuous transitions from one motion to the next, always concentrating on the flow of energy from beginning to end.

singleforms202-213Single Form Series 05 – Single Forms 203-213
Master Liao takes the viewer through forms that explore the diagonal directions. Inward Holding Tiger, Outward Holding Tiger, and Carry Tiger to Mountain, help the student move energy in front of the tantien and to the side. Longtime Taichi students will especially appreciate the chance to review the proper coordination of Backward Steps and Repulse Monkey.

single-form-series-06-single-forms-214-225Single Form Series 06 – Single Forms 214-225
These forms develop rooting, suspension and balance. One-legged postures such as Golden Cock Stands on One Leg, and Kick with Sole, combined with the coordination and stretch of Snake Creeps Down, makes this one of the more challenging videos. As always, the viewer is advised to accommodate each form to his/her level of ability. Master Liao demonstrates how to practice these single forms safely to help your body gently stretch, strengthen and perform each posture in a relaxed and confident manner.

single-form-series-07-second-sectionSingle Form Series 07 – Second Section
Master Liao gives a demonstration of the Long Form from the beginning through the end of the second section. Detailed instruction for smooth transitions, breathing coordination and front, side and back angle views, help the student follow along. All long form instruction corresponds to the illustrations provided in Master Liao’s book Taichi Classics.

single-form-series-08-single-forms-301-316Single Form Series 08 – Single Forms 301-316
This video reviews single forms that can be practiced in four directions, including Snake Creeps Down and Step Up to Form Seven Stars. Students will appreciate Fair Lady Works at Shuttles in Four Directions broken down into easy-to-understand single forms. Master gives simple and easy to follow demonstrations that challenge the student’s ability in rooting, coordination and suspension.

single-form-series-09-single-forms-316-330Single Form Series 09 – Single Forms 316-330
This video includes Master’s instructions for forms requiring coordinated leg motion, such as Five Style Steps, Attaching Steps and Turn Around to Sweep Leg. Master Liao also demonstrates a variety of ways to perform Roll Hands in solo practice. Students can integrate any of these single forms into their daily practice for variety.

single-form-series-10-conclusion-taichi-long-formSingle Form Series 10 – Conclusion / Taichi Long Form
All three sections of the Taichi Long Form are combined for Taichi Conclusion. Master Liao demonstrates how by combining single forms with smooth and relaxed transitions, you can practice the Long Form, or flow freely and spontaneously for a relaxed, meditative practice. The Long Form demonstrated here corresponds to illustrations in Master Liao’s book Taichi Classics.

single-form-series-11-two-person-practiceSingle Form Series 11 – Two Person Practice
Master Liao demonstrates major two-person practice forms such as: Hands Attaching, Single Hand Push, Both Hands Push, Roll Hands, Four Forms and Ta Lu (dah-lee). Each practice is performed on both right and left sides with instructions on how to move forward and backward, attach and separate. The video concludes with a discussion and demonstration of transferring power (Fa Jing) in eight major forms: Ward-Off, Roll-Back, Press, Push, Roll-Pull, Split, Lean Forward and Elbow. You can also enjoy this same classic content online now, in VINTAGE COURSE: Two Person Single Forms.

single-form-series-12-breathing-and-meditationSingle Form Series 12 – Breathing and Meditation
An earlier talk by Master Liao on meditative breathing to improve Chi awareness and Chi flow. Included are diagrams of the Chi’s circular path from tan-tien to crown-point, and progressive meditative exercises toward the goal of refining Chi into Jing. You can also enjoy this same classic content online now, in VINTAGE COURSE: Breathing and Meditation.

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