How to Make Your Taichi Ball Substantial
How to Make Your Taichi Ball Substantial
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Experience Taichi Ball in a whole new way! Master Liao shows you literally dozens of practice techniques to strengthen the feeling of energy within your Taichi Ball forms. Why does this one form offer literally endless variations and boundless potential for Chi development? Because the Taichi Ball is a living energy field that you can charge up and then put back into your Dan Tian to recharge your life energy.

But in order to have a real Taichi Ball, not just an imaginary one, you'll need concrete meditation directions like those on this DVD. By focusing correctly on the center of the ball, and maintaining your focus as you move, you'll bring in the power of moving meditation that can make your Taichi Ball substantial.

Since so many single forms depend on Taichi Ball, and since all martial arts and healing will rely on your ability to maneuver a real Taichi Ball, you can make no better investment with your practice time than to work on the material in this DVD.

With practice of these Taichi Ball Techniques, soon you will feel the power of a real energy field inside your Taichi Ball. Once that happens, you will no longer need to move your Taichi Ball: Your Taichi Ball will move you!

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