How to Connect Chi and Tao - PART 4
How to Connect Chi and Tao - PART 4
Level: ALL
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Explore the mysteries that lie within the power of the single cell and behind the vast power of the Universe in this remarkable sequel.

Continue the landmark conversation with Master Liao and a noted theoretical astrophysicist as Master reveals how to work with the energy centers of our body, and how to approach health issues in light of Chi and Tao principles. Once again, we've provided you with companion audio CDs so that you can listen to this amazing information over and over at your leisure.

The chapter titles of each DVD provide the best summary of the life-changing content of this special series, and are listed below:

DISC 8 - How to Work with Centers of Life Energy
Lower Dan Tian and Te ~ Best Way to Reconnect to Te ~ Middle and Upper Dan Tian ~ Methods of Flowing Energy  ~ Can We Scoop Up Energy?

DISC 9 - How to Remove Blockages to Health
Can Chi be Created and Destroyed? ~ Flowing Energy Within for Healing ~ Our Cellular Beginnings ~ Energy Purity and Strength ~ How can we Measure Our Progress in Purity? ~ Human Uniqueness


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