Nine Nights with the Taoist Master  e-book
Nine Nights with the Taoist Master e-book
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Now available on Amazon's Kindle , iTunes and Barnes & Noble's NOOK, a special e-book edition of Master Waysun Liao's"Nine Nights with the Taoist Master."

Travel with the ancient sage Lao Tzu in this wonderful adventure story set in an ancient Chinese border city. Not only an engaging novel, Nine Nights with the Taoist Master is a landmark book that cracks the code of the secret mystical teaching hidden inside Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching.

For over the last 2500 years, many scholars have tried to interpret the Tao Te Ching. Unfortunately, they all failed to capture its true essence. Master Liao provides the important missing link based on the oral tradition of generations of Taoist wisdom masters. Written into this exciting novel are key Taoist teachings that give to the world the secret knowledge previously reserved for Taoist masters and their disciples.

Anyone interested in eastern philosophy, mysticism, ancient Chinese culture, and self-discovery will enjoy the story of Nine Nights with the Taoist Master.

Notes on the E-Book edition: This edition does not have all the appendices of the Deluxe Study Edition and does not contain illustrations and diagrams.  However, the e-book edition has an exciting new feature! In the e-book edition, each line of the Tao Te Ching is referenced and linked to the full translation at the end of the book, and each line of the full translation is also linked back to it's place in the story.


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