How to Locate the Dan Tian - 2 Disc Set
How to Locate the Dan Tian - 2 Disc Set
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Yoga and Zen and many other meditation systems talk about the center of energy in your abdomen. But you cannot reach that center and its power by sitting meditation alone.

Connecting with your Dan Tian is crucial to developing Chi power. However, the center of your original life energy is not a fixed physical location in your lower abdomen -- it is a living energy being. Your Dan Tian is always in motion. But how can you truly find, feel it and make that important connection?

Dan Tian means "radiant field." And it's character represents the sun and moon planted into a farmer's field. Your life energy is that radiance, and the field is your lower abdomen. Master Liao shows you how to "plant the sun and moon," or the seed of your life energy, in that field. Successful practice of these standing meditations will reconnect your mind and your life energy.

This advanced two-disc set gives you concrete practice instructions for making this important connection with your Dan Tian that the old masters called "lighting the fire." These teachings have never been presented in this comprehensive manner in any of our other materials, and will be appreciated by students both new and old.

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