Chi: Discovering Your Life Energy
Chi: Discovering Your Life Energy
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New Edition! From Shambhala Publications.

(formerly titled: "Chi: How to Feel Your Life Energy")

What if you could tap into the very power of life itself, the original one power of the universe, the Tao? A world of infinite possibilities would be open to you. This book from Master Liao says "Yes, you can!"

Every person was created with a piece of God inside. The way to access that piece of infinite energy knowledge and power is through CHI-the invisible life energy flowing inside you.

Master Liao takes you on a step-by-step journey allowing you to reconnect with your feeling of life energy. Once you can feel your Chi, you can learn to flow your life energy and strengthen it, using it to help yourself and others through healing, feng shui, spiritual readings, and more.

Through the ancient wisdom of the Tao, explained in simple terms, Master Liao offers specific instructions in breathing techniques and moving meditation. Armed with the truth about Chi, you can regain your lost connection to your life energy and restore your True Self.

This NEW edition, by Shambhala Publications, features photos of Master Waysun Liao demonstrating each form contained in the old edition, plus an exciting new layout, cover and design. Even if you already own "Chi: How to Feel Your Life Energy," this unique visual presentation will make this new edition a collector's volume you will treasure.

Now Available as an E-BOOK from Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and other favorite e-book vendors.

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