How to Generate a Chi Sphere
How to Generate a Chi Sphere
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There are three stages of your Taichi journey:

1.) Taichi: rejoining your mind, body, breathing, feeling and life energy in an effort to achieve flow.

2.) Chi: whereby you not only flow but work to make your life energy clean and strong.

3.) Shen: in which you try to return to Tao.

All three stages are concerned with refining and raising the quality of your Chi Sphere.

On this DVD, Master Liao shows you how to secure the feeling of an energy sphere around your body, rather than just playing with hollow imagination. You'll learn techniques on how to shift from external to internal motion, and how to free yourself by eliminating mental occupation and blockage. You'll play with the size of your form in order to cultivate your internal feeling and perspective -- bringing unlimited power to your form.

Finally, you'll hear insights into the real meaning behind Lao Tzu's teachings and what Buddha strove to describe in the "Diamond Sutra." These teachings from Master Liao help you keep your Taichi practice heading toward the true goal of self-transformation.

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