How to Connect Chi & Tao - PART 1 - 4 DVDs and 4 Audio CDs
How to Connect Chi & Tao - PART 1 - 4 DVDs and 4 Audio CDs
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Delve into this powerful and unique 4-part interview with Master Liao in a rare conversation with a noted theoretical astrophysicist.. Because you'll want to listen to this fascinating material over and over again, this set comes with four companion audio CD's of the same material, so that you can listen in your car, or at your leisure.

You'll travel along as Master explores the nature of space, matter, our human condition, and how we can use ancient Tao principles along with Taichi moving meditation to raise our energy high enough to break through the boundaries of our limited earthly dimension. Whether you have never done Taichi in your life, or whether you are a professional Taichi player, the information on these DVDs will astound and inspire you.

The chapter titles of each DVD provide the best summary of the boundary-breaking content of this special series, and are listed below:

DISC 1 - How to Break Through This Limited Dimension
How can we access the Tao? ~ We are blocked by this dimension. ~ We must use life energy to understand the universe. ~ Choose life energy over thinking. ~ Life energy breaks through this dimension. ~ How do we know if we're making progress? ~ Training to repair the tool of our mind. ~ Strengthening the feeling of life energy. ~ The analogy of energy frequency. ~ The universe is a conscious living being. ~ Taichi moves the way the universe moves. ~ Taoists transformed themselves. ~ Everything is connected. ~ The universe is like a dream. ~ The many dimensions of empty space. ~ Our mind frequency registers. ~ The purpose of this dimension. ~ The Way of the universe.

DISC 2 - How to Raise Your Energy Frequency by Internal Work
How does internal work help us connect? ~ This outside world is fiction. ~ Internal work: refocusing our attention. ~ Life energy frequency and flow. ~ Matching your frequency with the Universe. ~ Taoists traveled by energy. ~ We are made from recycled energy. ~ Burning off bad signals. ~ "Non-action" and "no enemies." ~ Purifying to connect to the Net. ~ Answers to Buddha's questions on suffering.

DISC 3 - How to Let Go of Negative Energy Signals
Is it necessary to give up family? ~ How do we protect ourselves from negative thoughts? ~ What is the role of Drain form? ~ What is the role of Charge Up form? ~ Does the universe have a purpose? ~ How does death recycle our energy? ~ Does each energy zone have a different character? ~ Can parents plan a child's energy?

DISC 4 - How Taichi Can Help You Connect to Tao
How can we increase Chi awareness? ~ How to use concentration. ~ Bringing in all sensory perceptions. ~ Concentrating on the center of each palm. ~ Reviewing the steps to Chi awareness. ~ Allow the mind to yield to Original Energy. ~ Why do we emphasize ""points"" in Taichi? ~ Our body is built section by section. ~ Connecting to the outside. ~ More about points and sections. ~ Is knowing the locations of all points necessary? ~ How do we extend our energy? ~ Does Roll Back form scoop energy? ~ Do we risk pulling in polluted energy? ~ What is the best way to focus the mind?

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