How to Connect Chi & Tao - PART 2 - 2 DVDs, 2 Audio CDs plus BONUS
How to Connect Chi & Tao - PART 2 - 2 DVDs, 2 Audio CDs plus BONUS
Level: ALL
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Continue the landmark conversation as Master Liao reveals the energy truths behind birth and death, and how understanding these truths can help us transform, purify and strengthen our life energy. Once again, we've provided you with companion audio CDs so that you can listen to this amazing information over and over at your leisure.

The chapter titles of each DVD provide the best summary of the life-changing content of this special series, and are listed below:

DISC 5 - How to Truly Understand Birth and Death
Is there prenatal sentience? ~ We are made of recycled energy. ~ Can we remove polluted energy? ~ Is there a sense of self upon dying? ~ Understanding Mass Tragedies.

DISC 6 - How to Transform Yourself
How to see, taste and feel life energy ~ Feeling flow vs. feeling life energy. ~ How to know we have connected. ~ Being like a baby and the role of the mind. ~ The relative roles of mind and feeling. ~ Is emotion a pollutant? ~ Are specific energy paths important? ~ Do we need to know the energy path for each form? ~ More on feeling flow vs. feeling life energy. ~ "How to" is the most sought after information.

BONUS DVD - Learn About Tao: The Real Goal of Taichi
Enjoy this half-hour DVD lecture in which Master Liao diagrams the construction of human life energy and explains the real goal of Taichi. You'll learn exactly why it is important to "go backwards" in our evolution in order to reach the gateway of life energy. Once your energy is pure enough to reach and travel through this gateway, your potential is limitless. This bonus disc is included in this series, because the subject matter expands on key principles contained in the "How to Connect Chi and Tao" interviews, and does not include a companion CD.


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