Key Points to Harmonize Sky, Human and Earth Energy
Key Points to Harmonize Sky, Human and Earth Energy
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Tao is the science and discipline of heaven energy, human energy and earth energy. This discipline has been misinterpreted for thousands of years. Finally, you can take advantage of Master Liao's teaching that can lead you through this discipline correctly.

These triple elements are part of Tao philosophy. Inside our body there are also three elements: our body, life energy and spirit. With correct practice, you will use your true feeling to help these three elements work in harmony.

On this DVD, you'll work with three major forms: Taichi Ball to develop your human energy or Chi; Charge-Up form to connect with heaven or sky energy; and Drain or Discharge Form to use earth energy. You'll also learn the correct way to position yourself for the maximum benefit of each form. You'll learn how to coordinate your inhale and exhale with each motion, and how each of these forms works together. You'll learn why Taichi Ball is the primary mechanism for charging and cleaning your energy.

Again, this is a science and a discipline. Therefore you must do it! It is not just a philosophy to think about. That's why Master Liao offers you a chance to practice along while you absorb these important truths.

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