Temple Bows and How to Charge Up Your Energy and Look Inside
Temple Bows and How to Charge Up Your Energy and Look Inside
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There are many different bows that were commonly used in the old Taichi temples. On this DVD, you'll learn the Chi Bow and Tao Bow. These special formal bows are traditionally made before heavy meditation, special healing or spiritual work, formal occasions, and to demonstrate deep sincerity.

This DVD includes a comprehensive talk on "charging up" and a diagram on "looking inside." You'll learn how to pull all your sensory windows into your Upper Dan Tian, and how to bring that concentrated energy down to reach your Lower Dan Tian. The successful practice of this meditation can culminate in reconnecting with your original energy.

You'll learn how the goal of strengthening and purifying your energy is to allow your Te to expand a full three feet around your body. Those who reach this goal can connect with outside energy, and would be called "real humans" by old Tao masters. Master fills this DVD with references to the Tao Te Ching and analogies to nature, so you can see how these teachings are grounded in pure and ancient Tao wisdom.

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