How to Broadcast an Energy Message Through Jing
How to Broadcast an Energy Message Through Jing
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In this highest-level teaching, Master Liao explains that once you are able to both generate Jing and connect to the original energy of your Dan Tian, you can use that energy to "broadcast," or send a message outward.

While many students interpret broadcast ability as applied to transferring power in martial arts, Master Liao explains that this is only a limited understanding of the potential of "broadcasting" energy. He explains how this skill may be applied to many situations, including healing, meditation and prayer, interpersonal communication, and reaching the spiritual dimensions.

To develop the ability to broadcast requires detailed technical information contained on this DVD. There are many meditation steps that must be progressively mastered before achieving success in broadcast ability. Once you can broadcast energy, you can also encode that broadcast with a message. Master Liao uses examples from Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching to show that this was the true power possessed by Tao masters of old.

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