How to Transfer Power Series
How to Transfer Power Series
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Once the Taichi practitioner has the ability to transform their Chi into the high-frequency signal of Jing, he or she may start to develop the ability to "transfer power" (Fah Jing). This technique allows one to project their energy upon contact, with great force and distance, to affect another person in a martial arts application.

In this never-before recorded teaching, Master Liao explains the step by step practice and application theory of transferring power. The series starts by explaining how to upgrade your individual practice so that you will be able to transfer power with a future opponent. It continues by providing detailed instructions and demonstrations from Master Liao on applying Fah Jing in key forms, such as Ward-Off, Press, and Push.

Master Liao also gives important practice tips and techniques for Two-Person practice to help build the ability to sense the right opportunity for transferring power, as well as choosing the right direction and form to use. Only by practicing with a partner can you develop the sensitivity to use Jing correctly and understand whether your transfer power attempts are successful.

This series is reserved for the most advanced students who have a broad-based training in all of Master Liao's materials. Without a firm mastery of all of the principles contained on Master Liao's preceding DVDs, you simply will not be able to master the techniques provided in this series. Premature practice of Fah Jing may not only be ineffective, but practiced incorrectly, may result in physical injury in a two-person practice setting, and severe energy imbalance for the inexperienced practitioner. Only those students who have strict supervision in the initial practice principles of Fah Jing, and who have been instructed in the safe execution of these skills will be allowed to purchase these DVDs.

The following DVD titles currently comprise this series, although more may be added over time:

Disc 1.) How to Prepare for Transferring Power

Disc 2.) How to Transfer Power in Ward-Off Form

Disc 3.) How to Transfer Power in Press Form

Disc 4.) How to Transfer Power in Push Form

Disc 5.) Two-Person Meditation to Build Fah Jing Accuracy

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