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Today on social media, you can find hundreds of influencers talking about minimalism, simple lifestyles, slow living, and self-care. These are great tools for staying healthy and sane in a turbulent world.

The world that ancient Taoists lived in was also turbulent in many ways. They, too, knew and practiced these things.

Tao Te Ching Chapter 4

But those old Taoists weren’t keeping their lives simple for any moral reason, or out of any sense of fashion, or even the conventional health benefits that result from less stress. They wanted to quiet the influence of human affairs and, in turn, the accompanying cacophony of thoughts in their heads. This way, they could meditate more sincerely and better feel and follow their subtle life energy and their internal connection to Tao.

Master Waysun Liao often admonishes us to “simplify, simplify, simplify.” He advises that having a lifestyle that’s peaceful enough to accommodate a few minutes of Taichi each day is very important.

After practicing for a while, our Taichi students often report that Taichi gives them a greater sense of calm. Seeing their lives through this new lens of calmness, they find themselves effortlessly making changes to gradually reduce complexities, demands, and distractions. And when storms and challenges do arise, their centered sense of calm allows them to manage their affairs with more grace and effectiveness, so that they suffer less internal disruption.

These deep changes and this lifestyle work, in turn, allow them more time – and more focus – to practice Taichi moving meditation more deeply.

“In meditation, we don’t go for ‘more.’ Instead, we go for less. I don’t want to see more, I want to see less. I don’t want to hear more, I want to hear less. So if you are still a very successful human being, very active, caring about a lot of things, fighting for a lot of things, pursuing a lot of things — very busy—concerned with failure or success — you are below the line.” 

Master Waysun Liao