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“In Taichi moving meditation, we say ‘yield.’ Yield to what? Not to your opponent. Not to your thinking. Not to your ego. Yield to that life energy!” Master Waysun Liao 

Yielding in traffic means to allow another to pass you by and go their own direction, rather than insisting on continuing YOUR own direction.

Yielding to life energy works much the same way. Taichi practice builds the sensitivity to feel where energy is going in your own body. It builds practice in learning to flow with it, follow it, rather than block it with your own physical tension, your mental agenda, or the artificial motion you rely on when you move without mindfulness.

Sensitivity to Yield to External Energy

In paired two-person practice or martial arts, learning to feel and yield allows you to neutralize and redirect an opponent’s energy. It teaches you to sense your opponent’s energy so that you can yield to gently allow or steer a blow, kick, or attack to pass you by, rather than receive its full impact.

These skills are critical in life too: to allow and yield to others as they go their own direction, to feel and follow the flow of life events in a smoother way, and to build the ability to allow the insults and stresses of daily life to roll off you so they don’t result in hurtful impact or injury.

Join us for Taichi and Tao lessons every Sunday on Zoom from Master Waysun Liao, as we learn to sense and yield to our life energy and life’s events in more positive, healing, and productive ways.

“The T’ai Chi principle is as simple as this: yield yourself and follow the external forces. instead of doing this, most people ignore such obvious and simple principles and search for a more remote and impractical method. This is the so-called inches mistake, which, when allowed to develop, becomes the distance of thousands of miles.”

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