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Connect with Taichi's history and future: Join the Taichi Tao Center

Our Chicago/Oak Park Center has resumed on-site classes – see below for details:

About Taichi Classes in Chicago-Oak Park

If you are in the greater Chicago area, consider becoming a member of our Taichi Tao Center. Our students come from all over the Chicago metro area, including southern Wisconsin and western Indiana. We also welcome those who are visiting Chicago or travel here specifically to study with us. (We’ve already hosted students from five continents!)

We hold group classes generally on weeknights and weekends. Private teaching sessions may be booked at other times. Newcomers of all levels of Taichi experience are invited to become members and begin their training in assigned starter classes that focus on individualized instruction. Students may move into more advanced classes when they and their instructors agree they are ready.

Our History of Excellence

Our Taichi Tao Center in Oak Park, Illinois, founded in 1971, is one of the oldest Taichi teaching addresses in North America. Today it remains the worldwide teaching headquarters of Master Waysun Liao.

In addition to Master Liao, most of our other senior master instructors have more than 40 years of direct training from Master Liao himself, and are among the most knowledgeable and proficient Taichi masters in the nation.

Here, you can connect with Taichi history, and be a part of its future. We carry forward the most powerful, authentic, and traditional Taichi training. Dozens of Taichi masters and today’s leading Taichi teachers have trained right here in Chicago!

Our Taichi Class Format

Each class begins with a 45-minute Chi Flow Session where the instructor leads students in a series of Chi-building single forms. A short break is usually followed by an hour of instruction that may include individual form correction, form refinement, two-person practice, Tao meditation techniques, and Chi Awareness, Chi Flow and Chi Application principles. Quietly arriving late or leaving early is never a problem, and each class welcomes students from all levels. Our students learn at their own pace under individual supervision from their instructors.

Taichi lessons

Ready to Join Our Onsite Classes?

First, go through our free Introductory Class Video on After you’ve watched our free introductory video, you can experience a live trial class onsite at our Center in Oak Park, just outside of Chicago, Illinois. We take appointments for new member trial classes during normal group classes held on Monday and Friday evenings. The classes start promptly at 7:00 p.m., so we ask that you plan to arrive by 6:45 p.m. wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Face masks are now optional to attend Taichi Classes at the Taichi Tao Center. Trial classes are normally paid in advance online through a gift of $45 each.

If you enjoy the trial class and decide to continue as a member, we will have you fill out a membership form and decide on which type of membership you prefer. Once again, reservations are required for a trial class. Reserve your trial class by emailing us.

Membership Options

Onsite students have several membership options. You can pay monthly or annually and can pay for either one, two, or three classes per week each month. Check out our online payment page for details and email with any questions.

taichi sword

Additional classes are also available for qualified advanced students in:

  • Taichi Sword, Knife, Staff, and Spear
  • Chi Healing and Martial Arts Applications
  • Advanced Chi Principles
  • Mouth to Ear Taoist Training

Tai Chi moving meditation at the Tai Chi Center is a treasure that has turned abstract ideas and beliefs into feeling and comprehension of my biggest questions.”

Mary R., Taichi Student

“I have been training in this system for 19 years and it keeps giving. I could never have imagined the positive impact it has on my daily life. I will be forever grateful for all the knowledge I have received.”

Mike B., Arizona

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