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In this busy, crazy, often chaotic world today, many people are feeling disconnected — from each other, from whatever they consider their spiritual source or God, even from themselves. We feel cut off, unrooted, and crave connection. What is the cause of this feeling and how can we reconcile that disconnection and find the wholeness that we crave?

In Tao teaching, we see Tao as the one power, one energy, one substance, that forms the backbone of our entire universe. And the most important truth about this substance is that is it all connected — one piece! Lao Tzu referred to it as “the uncarved block.” This is the power we are trying to tap into through Taichi.

But in our busy artificial lives, we’ve learned to consider everything as disconnected and separate. We are even separated from ourselves. We can drive a car, eat a hamburger, listen to music, and think about our taxes all at the same time. Our mind, our feeling, our body, and our spirit, are all scattered – out of communication with each other.

How can we expect to reconnect with others, with nature, with the origin and source or what many call God, with the overarching energy of Tao and its wholeness — the power of the universe, if we cannot even connect the many parts of ourselves?

Taichi moving meditation teaches us how to calm down and bring all those scattered pieces of ourselves back together. When we come into wholeness in ourselves, even for a brief moment, the more we match up with the truth of the wholeness of the universe. The more we align with that truth, the more we can connect to its power!

That’s why Master Liao teaches that in Taichi “When you move, your whole body moves — your ear moves, your liver moves, your feeling moves, your mind stays connected through the whole process!”

We used to move this way when we were very young children — we were “all in” with everything we did. We are trying to restore that original way of moving, of being, of connecting with the world.

When we do this, even for a few minutes each day, our entire world view changes. Our well-being improves. Our mind starts to feel restored and clear again.

Join us in our online Sunday Sessions, or enjoy a video course on, and begin your journey to reclaiming yourself as one piece, and part of the greater whole through moving meditation.

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