Taichi Tao Network

Connecting local Taichi, QiGong, and meditation groups online to the best in Taichi Tao learning!

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Join our worldwide Taichi Tao Network of Taichi, QiGong, meditation and study groups. Our goal is to bring students and seekers everywhere the most powerful, traditional, teaching and training opportunities available from Master Waysun Liao and independent instructors around the world.

If you are a group leader, instructor, or organization that would like to be listed in our Taichi Tao Network, contact us at taichitaonetwork@gmail.com, and we will provide more information on how to get on our list!

The list below are independent teachers who study with Master Waysun Liao, or lead small groups that sometimes join our Zoom sessions with Master Liao. If an individual is listed as a Senior Master, Master, Junior Master, or Instructor, this means they have earned a certificate (or achieved a level equaling a certificate) directly from the Taichi Tao Center marking their level of ability to teach Taichi. In actuality, no matter what our certificate level, we are all beginners! The network members below come from all Taichi styles, teach under their own authority, come from all walks of life, and are independent rather than affiliated with or endorsed by the Taichi Tao Center. The list is posted as a convenience.

North America

United States

Master George Bolger, Tucson
Master Nick Koclanis, Scottsdale
Junior Master Jason Webster, Tucson
Junior Master Michael Breivold, Tempe

Lincoln Bickford, MD, PhD, Los Angeles
Michel Czehatowski, Redding

Master Richard Eversley, Southern Colorado
Instructor James Churches, Nederland
Michael Van Zuiden, Longmont
Charron Brock, Colorado Springs
William Johnson, Grand Junction

Master Michael Brooks, DC, Pace
Lawrence Lonson, Sarasota
Anand Singh, Ft. Lauderdale
Lester Holmes, Ft. Lauderdale

Junior Master Richard Sullivan, Evans 

Senior Master Mark Lawson, Glencoe
Senior Master Art Orawski, Maywood
Master Nancy Grizzle, Chicago Ridge
Master Norio Morimoto, Schaumburg
Master Steven Vasilakis, LAc, Plainfield
Junior Master Steve Shyman, Chicago
Junior Master Heidi Toboni, Chicago
Instructor Jane Andrew, Oak Park
Allison Deputy, Carpentersville
Lon Johnson, Palatine
Dwai Lahiri, Aurora
Thomas Tinsley, LaGrange
Ling Wang, Downers Grove
Paul M. Wright, PhD, FNAK, Geneva


Junior Master Louise Poppema, New Gloucester
Robert Leins, Bangor

Jeffrey D. Wager, MD, Boston

Laurie Jacobi, Minneapolis

New York
Caleb Nussear, Brooklyn

Instructor Ralph Lorenz, Uniontown
Joshua White, Columbus
Jennifer Radomski, Columbus
Kelsey Colwell, Columbus

Junior Master David Hall, Bend

Susan Thompson, Dallas

Kelly Carter, DAOM, LAc, Park City

Senior Master Peter Kopala, Fish Creek
Master Richard Hamby, Madison
Instructor Catherine Lange, Ashland
Instructor Gregory Sergi, Fond du Lac


Instructor Christian Marceau, Montreal, Quebec
(classes in English and French)

Kaleo Kaialoha, Isla Mujeres

South & Central America

Instructor Filipe Bulbow, Santo Andre Sao Paulo
Thiago Alves de Moraes, Carpicuiba, Sao Paulo



Master Hongtao 
Instructor Divya Vibha Sharma
(classes in English and Hindi)


Instructor Kathrin Enk, Vienna
Kieran O’Conner, Vienna

Senior Master Tony Sasso
 (also 9th Dan Degree Shotokan, and TCM master)
 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Instructor Charlie Boardley, Reading, Berkshire
Philip Boyle, Clayton, West Yorkshire

Junior Instructor Van-Kim Tran, Crest

Instructor Eimhin Shortt, Birr, Offaly
Ronan McLoughlin, Clonakilty, Cork

Instructor Sarah Tulivu

Instructor Jolanda Stellingwerff,  Rozendaalselaan 

David Roslund,  Ostersund

Fabian Bruder, Seengen, AG
Sonia Delessert, Lausanne