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Taichi’s Greatest Treasure

Any practice of Taichi at any level is beneficial. As long as you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, any style or form of Taichi training will help you feel better and gain some benefit in terms of health as well as physical and mental balance. However, if you are performing your Taichi practice at the level of physical exercise only, you may be missing out on the exponentially greater benefits that Taichi has to offer.

Taichi was meant to engage not only your physical body, but also your mind and your life energy. If you aren’t engaging your mind and life energy along with your movement, you may be leaving Taichi’s greatest treasure behind! You can do your Taichi form perfectly, like a physical exercise, and practice for years without feeling and connecting with your Chi – OR – you can make every minute of your practice count, and let it give you true Chi awareness, flow and power!

Physical vs. Internal Power

Taichi is a moving meditation that originated in the old Taoist temples but was preserved by martial artists. Most training systems that evolved from the martial arts are what we call “external” systems. They try to make you stronger, faster, or give you physical techniques to improve your ability to outmaneuver your opponent.

Taichi, on the other hand, is what those in martial arts call an “internal art,” meaning that to master it, you MUST have the ability to develop and use internal energy. Learning this ability requires much more than simply learning new forms. It requires guidance from a real Master in how to meditate and work with real energy in your practice.

Whether or not you are learning Taichi for martial arts, or for its amazing health benefits, or for meditation and spiritual development, you need the exact same practice methods for Taichi power in order to reach the full potential Taichi offers.

The secrets to developing Taichi power was only passed from mouth to ear in the old days, between masters and disciples.  Those ancient masters left stories, songs, riddles and cryptic teachings that students and scholars tried to preserve in old Taoist scrolls and books. The problem is that these old teachings have been interpreted the wrong way for centuries. Knowing what these old masters were trying to say, means having a clearer goal in your Taichi training. It can make the difference between success and lukewarm achievement.

With Master Liao’s teaching, you can put yourself miles ahead of those who are still performing Taichi as if it were a physical exercise or slow-motion physical martial art. Why? Because with Master Liao’s help, you can finally understand the old wisdom and the real instructions those old masters meant to convey. The result? Taichi power!

New Taichi Course from Master Waysun Liao!

Taichi PowerThat’s why you need “Energy Training for Taichi Power!” – an eight-hour intensive course from Master Waysun Liao. It’s an indispensable and definitive workshop for real energy-training. Master Liao puts internal work into practice as he guides you through the specific motions, visualizations, and practice principles that allow you to learn how to feel, strengthen and flow your energy.

Internal energy work requires new ways of thinking about the universe, ourselves, and our bodies. With correct thinking, your practice won’t be wasted. In this exclusive course, you’ll learn why the notion of a macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic orbit in our bodies, and how these old teachings are all about connecting our internal flow with the external flow of the universe. Not only will you understand this principle through Master’s words, you’ll really work with this energy as Master Liao demonstrates the right ways to practice to make this important connection.

You’ll also learn relationships between different parts of our body that can block or open energy pathways. Master explores how gentle practice focusing on the wrists or tailbone can guide energy in the right direction and increase your ability to circulate Chi. You’ll also enjoy a one-hour guided practice session, just like advanced students at the Taichi Tao Center enjoy. It will give you a great example of how to practice at home, whether you have just ten minutes or an hour to set aside.

Knowing what to do and even performing a form correctly aren’t the most important issues in Taichi practice. The most important issues revolve around your ability to truly feel and flow your energy. Master Liao gives you keys to do just that in this one-of-a-kind immersion into internal power and energy training! Explore the energy universe inside of you! Let Master Liao show you the keys to internal energy circulation and Chi development.

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