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grandmaster waysun liao with cheng manching

When they see this old picture floating around, many people ask us if Master Waysun Liao was a student of Cheng Man Ching. Actually, they were just friends. Master Liao was already an accomplished master and in college when he met Cheng Man Ching in Taiwan. Cheng used to call him “Little Liao” or “Xiao Liao.” They spent many evenings talking until late at night in Cheng’s attic about Tao and Taichi.

Today, Master Waysun Liao’s long-form taught at the Taichi Tao Center and on his videos is modeled after Cheng Man Ching’s form out of respect.

Master Liao once laughed about this photo and said: “I wish I had worn a different jacket! But it was very stylish back then.”

Master Liao often shares stories at the Taichi Tao Center about those years in the 1960s and 70s, the history of Taichi, and his relationship with Cheng and other masters. When he shares these old tales, we students feel just like he must have felt up in the attic with his old friend Cheng Man Ching.