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“Why do we do moving meditation? Because everything that is alive moves. Every organ, every cell inside your body is moving. If an organ no longer moves, or if a cell no longer moves, that means you are sick and that part of you has died. So we keep moving and send that signal inside to keep flowing, keep moving.”
 Master Waysun Liao

You can choose any number of self-development or meditation systems today to improve your health and well-being, or enrich your spiritual life. Why choose Taichi, Qigong, or Tao Gong?

Taichi, Qigong, and Tao Gong are all forms of “moving meditation.” In each one, you meditate and move at the same time. When you exercise, you are only working with your body. When you do sitting meditation, you are working with your mind. But in Taichi, Qigong, and Tao Gong, both our mind and body are always involved.

While sitting meditation is great, moving meditation has many advantages.

Using Our Mind to Connect with Chi
First, moving meditation gives your mind something to focus on – something to do. Many people give up sitting meditation because they find that they cannot stop their racing mind, or they get bored.

In moving meditation, we understand that the mind’s nature is to always be busy, so we give it something constructive to do! We have it watch our breathing, we busy it with focusing great attention on our motion and our feeling. Many people who can’t seem to meditate find that moving meditation solves the problem! They enjoy it and find it more calming because they are no longer fighting with their mind.

As we advance in our moving meditation, we start to feel our life energy – Chi. That’s the goal! And guess what? Our Chi is always moving too, because it is alive!

At the point where we start to feel our Chi, we let our mind focus on feeling, flowing and following our Chi. The combination of a focused, concentrated mind and Chi is the source of Taichi power. It begins a powerful transformation inside of us that strengthens and purifies our life energy.

Matching up with the Frequency of the Universe
Moving meditation has a second advantage: When you meditate and move at the same time, you match up with the truth of the entire universe. That truth is that everything is moving! Movement is one of the key signs of life, and a footprint of that life energy’s original source. And it’s not only living things that move, but every galaxy, planet, atom, and sub-atomic particle.

“Since the life energy signal is composed of the memory of the cosmic force, it can behave only according to the law of its nature: It is always in motion, transient, and dynamically playful. These are the same characteristics of the one universal energy from which your Chi came.”

But in order to move, the galaxies and stars need space, a background of stillness – the stillness of emptiness. Everything in creation is a dance of motion and stillness.

In Taichi, Qigong, and Tao Gong, we combine motion and stillness just like everything in creation. That practice allows us to unlock access to that original power lying within us, just below our day-to-day awareness. It happens because when we combine movement with quiet meditation – our own form of stillness — we align with the frequency and nature of the original energy underlying all of creation. When we align to that frequency, the small piece of the original energy of the universe that lies within us (called our “Te”) picks up that frequency and begins to awaken.

All the benefits and abilities attributed to Taichi, Qigong, and Tao Gong, come when we wake up that power within ourselves – whether it’s greater calmness and the ability to manage stress, whether it’s healing and rebalancing our body, or whether it’s awesome martial art power or spiritual insight. It all starts with moving meditation!

Easy to Learn, Easy to Start!
In moving meditation, you meditate and move – move and meditate. You cannot tear these two apart. Just like your body cannot exist without the mind, and your mind cannot exist here without your body — you need both for life!

The great news is that you can start a simple moving meditation practice easily and at home today. The Taichi Tao Center offers online classes with Master Waysun Liao and senior master instructors, as well as a complete archive of Taichi, Qigong, and Tao Gong video courses at

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