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“As humans, we try to change everything outside of us to accommodate ourselves, rather than accommodate ourselves to follow nature. In Taichi, we try to stay in harmony with the boundaries of nature. Why? We learn that when we overreach or try to destroy nature and go outside of the way things are supposed to be, we only destroy ourselves.
“Movement in Taichi is the same way. We have to stay within the bounds of nature — how our bodies were meant to move. If we overreach beyond our capacity to stay balanced, or go past the point of pain, we are outside of nature,” says Master Waysun Liao in the video Moving Naturally in Taichi on

That’s why in Taichi we never force our posture or use physical strain or strength to push our bodies beyond the level of comfort. Tension and stress are antagonistic to smooth, harmonious Chi flow. Performing Taichi to the point of pain can actually work against your progress in feeling and strengthening your life energy.

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When we teach that Taichi follows nature, we aren’t just talking about nature in terms of our environment and the nature we see outside in the landscape, animals and weather. We are talking, too, about the way nature made us as human beings, and how we were meant to live, move, and thrive. That’s why we are constantly adjusting our form, our practice, our lifestyle, to accommodate to our true nature — the way real human beings were meant to live and be.