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One thing that separates the study of Taichi from most pursuits in Western culture is its endless nature: there is always more to experience, more to practice, more to learn. This concept of endless progress is the secret to Taichi’s appeal over the centuries in Eastern culture.

That’s why one of our principles is that we never “graduate.”

Every practice session is new, every form – indeed every second of every form – is unique. All of our instructors, our masters, and even Master Liao himself, are always learning, always going deeper.

That’s why any one of our classes or any one of our videos can take you further on your Taichi journey. Each tip, each principle, has applications that are deep and wide and endlessly applicable in new ways – whether you are a beginner, or very advanced in your Taichi practice.

We know – like you – that Taichi is rich with treasures to fill a lifetime of practice, and that it never gets old.